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Frequently Asked Questions About RVs

“Customer” Insurance Questions:

Question: My insurance company said I need to get two estimates.

Answer: There is no law requires you to get multiple estimates

Question: My insurance company told me I had to use a shop that they recommend, how can I use your shop if you are not on their list?

Answer: The choice is yours and only yours. It is illegal for an insurance company to tell you which place you must go to.

Question: So why then do they recommend these shops?

Answer: Most of the time the insurance company will have a direct relationship with these shops. They require the shops to charge a reduced labor rate and they limit the amount they will pay the shop for parts replacement. The shops that accept these arrangements have to cut corners to stay profitable. When they cut corners they will use sub standard parts and materials as well as used and salvage parts. All of this results in a poor quality repair.

Question: I was told by my claims adjuster that if I used a shop not on their list, they would not warranty the repairs.

Answer: Insurance companies do not warranty any work. The actual shop that does the repair warranties the work. We can’t speak for other companies but we provide a comprehensive warrant on all repairs.

Question: Your estimate was more than the amount the insurance adjuster sent me.

Answer: Sometimes adjusters might miss some of the parts or labor required to do the job properly. We will work directly with them to make sure they understand the work that is necessary to bring your RV back to factory specs. This almost always results in the full claim being paid.


“Insurance Adjuster” Insurance Questions:

 Question: Does my customer or the insurance company have to pay you up front to complete the job?

Answer: No, we will bill the insurance company directly.

Question: What are your payment terms?

Answer: We like all invoices paid within 30 days.

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